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Catholicism is an entire way of life. But today it’s not known.


Updates Feb 15-16 2014

  • Prayer of Thanksgiving

    • Please say a prayer of thanksgiving for the generous donor in our parish who provided the funds we needed to replace our carpeting.

      Take care of it and give thanksgiving, since there was no way we could have done it any time soon without their generosity.

  • OLOG needs your support

    • Through our weekly plate collection: The parish is spending about $9.35 per attendee; but collecting only about $4.86 per attendee.

      Do you want to help the parish close the gap? Are you supporting the parish and helping to close the gap by purchasing scrip cards?

      Everyone buys food and gas. We get back about 5% every time you use a scrip card which you buy here at the parish. There are 100s of vendors from which to choose.

    • The parish has received generous donations in the approximate amount of $215,000 for the land purchase and church building.

      Monday night at the parish council we will be discussing our moving forward with building our church on the north side of our property, displacing the meditation garden.

      Bishop Thomas is fully behind us in moving forward with completing the dream of OLOG of building this church.

    • We have approximately 1800 families registered here at OLOG.

      About 600 families are actively supporting this parish. Everyone can actively support this parish through the scrip program. If you are not regularly tithing – consider buying scrip cards and consider that as your tithing. Be an active parishioner!

    • When we set up the schedule for second collections last June we stopped most of them so people could focus on their own finances and so we could focus on our own parish needs. We kept a few of them: SVdP, religious retirement, Peter’s Pence, and Sanctity of Life.

    • In FY2012, 2ndcollections totaled: $34,000. We gave 6.2%.

      In FY2013 2nd collections totaled: $32,000. We gave 5.8%.

      In FY2014, so far, 2nd collections total: $5,840. We gave 1.9% so far.

      (This does not include what we do for SVdP, retirement, Life, & Pence)

    • We still owe $3,095.01 on our roof repair. We are almost done!

      A generous donor provided the new carpeting and several parishioners provided a LOT of labor to help us.

      We will finish the roof project. Next is the new church – are you buying scrip cards to help us do this?

Please offer your prayers to our Father in heaven and ask him how your can use your, “Time, Talent, and Treasure” to build up his kingdom here on earth, but especially here at Our Lady of Guadalupe.

We all have gifts from God – we can share them in many different ways with generosity.


Welcome to Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church

Welcome to Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. A Catholic Community, with a special devotion to Mary, transforming society by our example as one Body in Christ. We achive this through Christian charity, evangelization, the Sacraments, education, stewardship and social justice. Please feel free to come and be part of our community in one of our 46 different ministries. With the grace of God and the blessing of our blessed Mother, we can work together in transforming our lives, the live of our families and consequentially our community. God bless you.


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