Letters with requests for proposals and fixed fees pertaining to our Master Plan for a new church were sent to 25 architectural firms in April. Seven firms responded with information requested and our Building and Master Plan Committee undertook the task to review these proposals.

After our initial meeting, the Committee selected four firms to personally interview. Our Committee is undertaking the task of checking references on work that each firm has done in the Diocese of Phoenix as well as arranging personal interviews. After this process is completed, a firm will be selected to create a Master Plan that will include programming and needs assessment in order to provide for a new sanctuary and parking area on the existing seven acre plus Parish campus. Total time span for completion of this process will be approximately six to eight weeks. Once the firm is selected, then a procedure will be established for seeking parish input on a new church.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. Please continue to fulfill your pledges and donations.

Closing of Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy

June 19, 2014

Dear Parishioners and Friends: 

Statement on the Closing of Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy

The decision to close Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy was made in part due to low enrollment projections and financial considerations. Based on projected budget considerations and enrollment projections, the parish would have been faced with a deficit of nearly $90,000 for fiscal year 2015 (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015), not including maintenance, operational and utility costs that the parish was carrying on behalf of the Academy. Total deficit figures - $140,000.

Before a final decision was made, the Superintendent of Schools from the Diocese was consulted along with the Diocesan Vicar General and the Director of Parish Services. In addition, thorough discussions with members of the Parish Council occurred last Monday evening and previously with the Parish Finance Council. Various models were presented and discussed in hopes of keeping the Academy going. In the end, it came down to low enrollment numbers and poor financial projections that figured in this decision. Additionally, the parish could not submit a negative budget to the Diocese and expect to get approval. Every means available was studied and considered.

We owe a great deal of thanks to the Academy Director, Lisa Wakefield, her most dedicated staff of teachers and aides and to the school parents who made every effort this past school year to keep the Academy afloat. THANK YOU ALL!

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Craig W. M. Friedley



SCRIP is a nationally recognized fundraising program. Retailers sell gift certificates and cards to Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish at a discount. OLOG sells the gift cards at full face value to our parishioners and friends. You redeem the gift cards at face value and the discount is retained by OLOG.

Does your household budget include the following expenses? Groceries? Gasoline? Clothing? Household Needs? Restaurants? Of course it must include some or all. Our SCRIP program is offered by hundreds of local and national retailers - where most of you already shop. With every purchase, you earn revenue for OLOG (helping to offset parish expenses) and OLOGA. (reducing your student's tuition bill!)

We are pleased to announce that Ms. Lisa Freidhof has volunteered to run our SCRIP program. She runs a similar program at Seton High School (for 9 years). She has been assisting since mid-March and is most eager to build a super program here. Thank you Lisa, your assistant Patricia and OLOG volunteer sellers.

As of March 31, 2014, OLOG has generated $39,704 in gross revenue from the sale of SCRIP cards. Cost of SCRIP cards sold to date is $34,568. Thus, our gross margin to date is: $5,136. This is a great start. Whether shopping for clothing, home improvement items, entertainment, electronics, or going out to eat, SCRIP is always available to you. Please continue to use this convenient service and help your parish and academy. Cards are available during the week by stopping in the parish office during normal business hours (M - F; 9:00 am -5:00 pm) and on the weekends on the parish grounds before and after Masses.


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