New Alarm System

Attention: To all OLOG Volunteers
As you know, the church and the San Juan Diego building are now set up with an alarm system.
Anyone who has a key to any of the rooms or the church must have an access code to arm and disarm the alarms.
If you do NOT have an access code, YOU ARE NOT TO ACCESS ANY OF THE ROOMS OR THE CHURCH-until you come into the office and have received  training and have an access code. Some of the volunteers will need an extra key.
Contact the parish office and make arrangements with Marina-480-987-0315.
The alarm code key pads are located in:
Highberger Hall: near the North-West door ( door next to the RE office). This arms and disarms Highberger Hall.
Room 3B and Room 4:These arm and disarm rooms 1, 23A, 3B, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8
The Church: in between the door and the window in the sacristy (in front of the sacrarium) This arms and disarms all of the church. You need to enter through this door first to disarm if you need to go to the kitchen!
Please be aware that every time the alarm goes off and the sheriff is sent to the church grounds, And it was not an emergency-we will be fined. The person who set the alarm off will have to pay the fine.
If the alarm is accidently set off, please call the Alarm Company at 480-433-1271. You will be asked to give your password and your access code.
Thank you.

Nuevo sistema de alarma

attention: Voluntarios de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
Como ya saben, la iglesia y el centro San Juan Diego ya tiene un sistema de alarma activo.
Toda persona que tenga llave para algun salon o la iglesia tiene que tener una clave  para armar y desarmar la alarma.
Si AUN NO TIENE un clave de acceso, USTED NO DEBE DE ABRIR NINGUNO DE LOS SALONES O IGLESIA-hasta que pase a la oficina parroquial y reciba entrenamiento y tenga un codigo. Algunos de los voluntarios van a necesitar una llave extra. Comuniquese con Marina 480-987-0315 .
Las cajas de alarma para poner su clave se encuentran:
Salon Highberger: cerca a la puerta en el lado norte-oeste (enseguida de la oficina de catecismo) Esta caja solamente arma y desarma el salon Highberger.
Salones 3B y 4: estas cajas arman y desarman los salones 1, 2, 3A, 3B, 4, 5, 6, 7, y 8
La IglesiaSe encuentra en medio de la puerta y la ventana en la sacristia ( en frente del lavabo) . Esta arma y desarma toda la iglesia incluyendo la cocina.
Por favor, tenga en cuenta que cada vez que se active la alarma y el sheriff es enviado a la iglesia, Y no es una emergencia, nos multan. La persona responsable de desatar la alarma tendra que pagar la multa.
Si la alarma se desató accidentalmente, por favor llame a la Compañía de Alarma al 480-433-1271.Se le pedirá que dé su contraseña y su código de acceso.

Please Pray for our Priests


Letters with requests for proposals and fixed fees pertaining to our Master Plan for a new church were sent to 25 architectural firms in April. Seven firms responded with information requested and our Building and Master Plan Committee undertook the task to review these proposals.

After our initial meeting, the Committee selected four firms to personally interview. Our Committee is undertaking the task of checking references on work that each firm has done in the Diocese of Phoenix as well as arranging personal interviews. After this process is completed, a firm will be selected to create a Master Plan that will include programming and needs assessment in order to provide for a new sanctuary and parking area on the existing seven acre plus Parish campus. Total time span for completion of this process will be approximately six to eight weeks. Once the firm is selected, then a procedure will be established for seeking parish input on a new church.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. Please continue to fulfill your pledges and donations.


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