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St. Thomas More
Published on Oct 10
A Response to Love

St. Thomas More is remembered as the Saint who would not sign an oath to the Succession to the Crown Act 1533. This Act required St. Thomas More to put the King above God’s church. Most people folded to the King’s demand, but St. Thomas More presented the truth over and over. In the year 2000, Bl. Pope John Paul II, proclaimed St Thomas More patron of statesmen and politicians. Referring to St. Thomas More, Bl. Pope John Paul II wrote:

… He lived his intense public life with a simple humility marked by good humour, even at the moment of his execution.

This was the height to which he was led by his passion for the truth. What enlightened his conscience was the sense that man cannot be sundered from God, nor politics from morality.

He was beheaded for following the Catholic teaching out of his deep, abiding love for God.

Let us ask for the intersession of St. Thomas More and remember his great example as a politician.

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