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Parish Council
Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body that Fr. Craig W. M. Friedley can prayerfully reflect with and ask for assistance to guide the overall care and ministry of the parish, and the enhancement of its mission. The Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Pastoral Council is:

Tim Bushnell, President
Gloria Lopez, Vice President
Jill Blazek, Secretary
Deacon David Barraza, Member
Yvette Westmoreland, Member
Corie Veloso, Member
Fernando Gonzalez, Member
Fidel Coria, Member
Herlindo Miramontes, Member
Ex-Officio members are John Simon, Parish Administrator, Wayne Blazek, Finance Council, and Mark Rauguth, Finance Council.

The Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Council is here to provide planning for the good of the parish, develop goals and objectives, assign priorities for the future, assist in developing the spirituality of the parish, and to be a communication link between the parish leadership and the members of the parish.

As a parishioner, your attendance and participation is welcome at Parish Pastoral Council meetings.

Contact the parish office for scheduled meetings

God bless!

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