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The Church Militant

That is us!  We need to stay focused on what we do here on earth with every decision we make. The elections just ended. We see a president right now showing by his actions that he will respect all human life. This is just the beginning. The selection and confirmation of our next Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) justice should happen next week. Pray that President Trump nominates a justice who will support our Constitution and will also support the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of every human being from conception to natural death.


OLOG needs your support

Through our weekly plate collection: The parish is spending about $6.35 per attendee, but collecting only about $5.86 per attendee.

Do you want to help the parish close the gap? Are you supporting the parish and helping to close the gap by purchasing scrip cards?

Everyone buys food and gas. We get back about 5% every time you use a scrip card which you buy here at the parish. There are 100s of vendors from which to choose.

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