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Order SCRIP Online
SCRIP is an important fundraising method that stands for “Substitute Cash Redeem In Person.” The store SCRIP carries gift cards in various denominations from a variety of popular grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment, health and beauty, travel and other retailers. When you purchase and redeem a gift card through SCRIP, you automatically raise money for Our Lady of Guadalupe.

SCRIP comes in the form of gift cards or eSCRIP that can be used for your everyday shopping (i.e., groceries, gas, etc.) and as gifts for family and friends. You can purchase SCRIP online. Here's how:

To order SCRIP cards online, visit the online SCRIP store. Orders are usually ready for pick up at the Parish Office the same day the online order is placed. Customers will be notified when their order is ready, and payment is due upon pick-up. Customers will also be notified via email of any out of stock or special order situations.
*NOTE: This method is strictly for ordering physical SCRIP gift cards. See eSCRIP below for electronic SCRIP products.
To order eSCRIP, contact the Parish Office to set up your account.

Need volunteer hours or want to get involved?

SCRIP is seeking an enthusiastic parishioners to volunteer! For more information, please call the Parish Office at (480) 987-3646 if you are interested.